We design strategies, programs and partnerships to scale highly effective innovations in women’s health and primary care.


Generating new ideas. Solving big problems.

We are a small team of experts with deep experience in the design, financing, scale and evaluation of health care. We help our clients rapidly advance their strategic thinking, and put new ideas into action. We care immensely about our work, always producing to the quality that we would be proud to deliver and implement ourselves.

Our Services



We help our clients develop strategies to address complex problems in health care. We bring years of experience in the design, funding, evaluation and scale of health programs to bear, ensuring client’s strategies are grounded in reality, informed by history, and inspired by innovation. We believe in taking a customer-centered approach to systems transformation.



We grapple with complex data, inputs and evidence so that our clients don’t have to. We distill the key insights, which allow our clients to think more clearly, more strategically and take action. Additionally, we work to turn those insights into visual statements that help clients communicate their thinking and plans more effectively to others.


We design programs, initiatives and partnerships to move strategies into action. Impact for Health specializes in facilitating intensive design sessions for teams and groups of partner organizations. These sessions enable a strategic vision to rapidly gain traction with key stakeholders, and quickly generate actionable progress against the common vision.


Generating impact at scale is an adaptive process. We support investors, donors and companies to optimize key processes and business lines that are core to their goals. Beyond uncovering current processes and challenges, we work with clients to understand the rationale for these processes and then to “break the rules” around those processes so that they can see the opportunities for actionable change. Clients have found that learning from external models to inform these optimization steps is energizing and empowering.